frequently asked questions

After download the app you will need to Install it and the open the App. Automatically it will ask you “Allow Hot Spot World to Access this device’s location. It will give you 2 options: Deny or Allow. Allowing will give the permission to google to show you in real time you location. After that, the app will shut down and You will need to reopen it. Your phone is smart but it needs to reopen to understand that you are allowing to use your location.

The app show the map and you will see the App Logo that is your actual location in real time. You will see around you the shops close to you. In case that you can see many stores, you can do zoom out or move the screen with your finger until find many stores concentrated in an area (hot spot zone).

After some seconds the map return to initial position. This is because GPS need to know where you are located.

You will see in the to right side of the map a circle aqua. Click on it with disconnect the GPS in the app, and let you move wherever you want with your finger or doing zoom in and zoom out.

After you find the area, you can click in one of the stores icon and it will show in the bottom of the app 2 symbols. you can click on the icons and it will go to gale maps and guide you how go to the store in case you don’t know how go there.

And after you can go back to the app and click over the Acqua circle on top and connect again the GPS.

No. The app only will your location to show where you are and then show the Hot Spot Areas with more concentration of stores powered by Instacart around you. The App NEVER will Share your location.

Hot Spot Shops App has included the main Shops powered by Instacart. Just you will let me know in what city you live or in what city you do shopping and  I will  include the shop. You can write me at jorge@hotspotshops.com and let me know in what city you do deliveries and We will add as soon as I can. May be the reason is because some store chains are local. But I will add it as soon as I can.

Other good option is let me know in out Facebook group: Instacart Florida